Posted: May 20, 2011 in HELLO

This is the legit blog for the JOHNNY SAYS ZINE.

Our core-group members include:




Lookit those letters.

  1. Mux Blank says:

    Hey girls, I love the zine and love love love the article on the Rat Babies, thanks or that! We hope you enjoyed the show and we hope to be able to come back really soon and do it all again… but next time tell Malory that I’m not going to like her as much as I do if she ditches us at a red light again, lol!

    • Hey Mux!

      Thanks for responding to us. We appreciate it. Half of the crew members live out in the west coast, so unfortunately us Washingtonians couldn’t see the show. But we’ve been told by numerous people that you all rocked it. Malory told me that you also decided to take whatever remaining zines was at the show and distribute it on your tour. Thanks for that! That tickled me pink pretty good (er, no pun intended). We’ll probably be doing some more cover articles on you dudes in the future. Keep on melting faces, you rats.

      -JO PINK

      PS: Malory ditched you at a light? HAHAHA! Just threaten her with a hammer next time you catch a ride. That should work.

      • Mux Blank says:

        Malory knows what I can do with a hammer (and nail, ask her) lol.

        Anyways, I think it’s great what you’re all doing with the zine, cause it’s a huge help to us to get the word out so far and in multiple states, states that I hope to be able to tour to too, lol. So keep it up! All of you, so that I can be back in touch with you in the months to come, because we really like to come back to the same places once we start making friends and to go to new places more and more.

      • Oh, I’ve been told the hammer story already. Heh. We just might have to make a “review” about the experience in the future.

        And thanks again! Yeah, we want to bring back the good ol’ “Stand up for yourself”, “Don’t take shit”, and DIY aspect of life. Plus, zines are becoming a rarity these days, which is rather depressing. We’ll definitely be keeping it up for as long as possible. And we’ll be keeping an eye on you guys to boot!

        Stay in touch and keep on rocking.


      • Hey, Mux!

        This is the crew at the Washington Chapter. How’re things going with the tour? We’d like to send you some more issues in the near future. We’re currently on a financial screw hiatus, but we’re still going strong.

        Keep stirring up trouble,


  2. Harvey says:

    I got your zine in ohio from the rat babies show
    Very enjoyable
    Some good stuff in there
    And rat babies are better than all

  3. Mx Blank says:

    I’m on tour with my sideshow called “Mr Blank’s Weird & Wandering Sideshow”, we’re in Asheville right now heading to Johnson City TN (doing our “Wagon Wheel” tour, lol). We’re having a blast and I wish we could come see you guys, but we’ll have to wait til the next tour… Here’s some links to our site which has some video and a tour journal, and our schedule (if anyone is in these areas let me know and we’ll have to hang out!):

    Aug 20-22 : Asheville NC
    Aug 23-25 : Johnson City TN
    Aug 26-31 : NC/VA area
    Sept 02-04 : Touring w/ band: Ancient Astronaught (Newport News VA, Raleigh NC, Columbia SC)
    Sept 05-10 : back in Athens for a few days
    Sept 12-17 : Jacksonville FL
    Sept 19-24 : DeLeon Springs FL
    Sept 26-01 : Lakeland/Sarasote FL
    Oct 03-08 : Gainsville FL
    Oct 10-15 : Tallahassee FL
    Oct 17-22 : ???
    Oct 24-29 : Athens GA
    Nov ??? (booking now)

    For more information You can look us up and contact us online here:
    Website: http://www.mrblankisdead.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mrblankssideshow
    Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/mrblank
    Email: booking@muxproductions.com

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