So we’re this zine.  We’re “Johnny Says”.

We could preach to you what it’s all about.  But we’re not going to.  We kinda figure it’ll just be whatever you need it to be.

Yeah, sure, we could be a bunch of things.  Maybe we’re a gaggle of whiny adult-kids venting on paper.  Maybe we’re the next generation who can’t quite figure out where to pick up where our parents have left off.  Maybe we’re angry at the world, at the Oppression: at life.  Maybe we’re in love with everything and everyone.  Maybe we’re too dumb to even know the correct answer ourselves.  Maybe we’re a Revolution.  Who knows?

Go ahead and make your assumptions.  We don’t mind.  All we want from you is your fearlessness.

Just be you.

Don’t listen to that Oppression knocking outside your door.  Tear down those walls.  Throw your fists up.  Stand up for yourself…

And join the Fight.

[X] JP

  1. The Napkin says:

    My friend Johnny Charles would love this!!

    He’s like Madonna in that he needs no last name. Everybody just calls him “JOHNNY” !!

    Nobody listens to him much, because he just likes to argue for the sake of hearing his own voice.

    He’s at his very best when he begins a response with “Well ACT-ually…”.

    If you hear one of his retorts begin that way, it would be wise to leave the room.

    Hope your ‘zine does well !!

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